Close-up Magician

Close-up magician James Carter will perform astonishing magic at close quarters, right before your eyes!

James’ magic is guaranteed to leave feeling amazed, astonished and most of all entertained! Hiring a close-up magician like James is a great way to enhance your next important event, and can be the perfect ice breaker to get your guests talking.

What is close-up magic?

Close-up magic is normally performed for small groups of people who are either sitting or standing. This makes it the ideal type of magic for a dinner event, party or wedding. Because the magic is performed at such close quarters it captivates an audience and leaves them with a feeling of bewilderment as the magic often happens in their own hands!

James’ close-up magic will often be done with a deck of cards. He can perform new, modern tricks and some old favourites that you may have seen before. James also performs magic with coins, ropes, keys, padlocks, bottles and many other props. If you would like him to incorporate a particular product or item personal to you then please contact him to discuss further.

James’ has been performing close-up magic for a number of years so you can be sure of a professional and slick performance when he performs magic for your guests.

James Carter can be booked to perform table magic during a dinner, a party or wedding breakfast. He can also mix and mingle amongst your guests during a drinks reception.

Suitable settings/events for a close-up magician

•  Weddings
•  Private parties
•  Drinks receptions
•  Charity events
•  Black tie dinner events
•  Corporate events
•  Christmas Parties
•  Proms/Balls
•  Company parties/events
•  Client events
•  Exhibitions
•  Trade shows
•  Television

Wedding Magician




Magician Wedding

As he has been performing close-up magic for over a decade James is an experienced performer. His amazing sleight of hand and entertaining style of delivery will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come.

Private Parties

A private party is a great setting to see the magic of a close up magician. The intimate nature means that this can be a great way for James to showcase his magical performances. Do you have a special occasion coming up? Anniversaries and special birthdays are something to be remembered. One of James’ close up magic performances could mean your party is talked about by friends and family for years to come! James has performed at many parties and can work with you to ensure his performance suits your occasion. Whether the party is at home or at another venue, James can mingle with your guest for a set time or if appropriate perform his magic in a dedicated area. Either way you can be sure your guests will be fully entertained by his fun, contemporary magic.

“Hi James, Just wanted to say thank you for performing your magic at my 60th birthday party. Your card magic entertained all my guests, young and old, and I look forward to booking you for my 70th!”
Terry Elliott

Magician Wedding

Magician Wedding

Contact James today to find out more about how he can showcase his magic at your party.

Company Parties

Whether it’s a dinner or a drinks party, what better way to make your organisation stand out than having a magician perform?! It will certainly give clients and staff something to talk about and remember your company by. Close-up magic at company parties works well if people are seated (perhaps during dinner) or if people are standing (maybe before dinner, with a drink). James’ magic can also work brilliantly at drinks parties, where he can mix and mingle with the guests.

Don’t forget popular times such as Christmas and summer can get booked up quickly. Avoid disappointment and contact James today to ensure that he can come to YOUR party!

Close Up Magician 2

Close Up Magician

Wedding Magician

Big day coming up?! Close-up magic could be a fantastic addition to your special day. Wedding day entertainment is increasingly popular and magic is one of the ways that your wedding could be remembered for years to come by family and friends. James’s warm and friendly personality, along with his contemporary magic means that your guest will be entertained and left feeling astonished!

Please see the wedding page for more details of how James’ magic could be incorporated into your special day. Click here

 “Thank you James! We are so glad we booked you for our wedding. Our friends and family are still talking about your magic weeks after the wedding!”
Dave and Kate Seeley- Newlyweds!

Trade Shows/Exhibitions

Looking for a way to make your company stand out at a trade show? Want clients to remember your product? Want your company to be at the forefront of customer’s minds? Magic could be the answer!

James has experience of working at large trade shows, at venues such as the NEC, using his magic to promote companies and their products. He can use close-up magic to engage with clients and draw them to your business. James’ magic will attract audiences and his enthralling and magnetising performances will draw in the crowds!

Do you have a new product that you want to market? Want to boost sales? Not sure of the best way to do it? Contact James for a discussion on how magic can be a fun way to help your business grow.


Most people have seen close-up magicians on TV, but not may have experienced a magician performing tricks for them live.  You can entertain your guests and experience the magic right in front of you by booking James as a close-up magician for your next event.

Whether it is for television, the largest trade show, exhibition, private party, wedding or society ball, you will be captivated by his skillful sleight-of-hand magic and his warm and entertaining personality.

Book James as the close up magician for your next event!