IMPORTANT – Please read this carefully


”The contract” – this booking confirmation

“The Client” – The client named on booking form

“The Artiste” – James Carter

“The engagement” – The performance detailed on booking form

Terms of engagement

1.) The contract is subject to the terms of engagement detailed above, including any additional clauses.

2.) The Artiste offers an assurance that he and all supporting Artistes, technical crew and other associates, will conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times, with due regard to venue rules and regulations.

3.) The client agrees that it is their sole responsibility to pay the Artiste on the day of performance or 14 days in advance. Should the client fail to due so, a charge of £10 may be levied upon the client and repeated every additional 7 days that the account remains unpaid. Only Cash will be an acceptable payment on the day of performance.


1.) Please note that once accepted, this booking represents a commitment in time for James Carter, and he is subsequently unable to accept work from other sources.

2.) Consequently, in the event of a cancellation where the event is not rescheduled, James Carter may not be able to re-coup the fees due. Therefore to safeguard against loss of earnings a charge will be made should the engagement be cancelled for any reason and any deposit forfeited.

Should the contract need to be cancelled by the Client, the following conditions apply:

(a) Written notification must be received by James Carter at least 30 days prior to the performance, and the deposit will be non-refundable, or

(b) Written notification must be received by James Carter less than 30 days prior to the performance then 50% of the fee is payable, or

(c) Written notification must be received by James Carter less than 14 days prior to the performance then 100% of the fee is payable.

N.B. Cancellations must be mutually agreed and acknowledged in writing with James Carter before they can be accepted. Cancellations must be made via email or in writing.

Failure to perform

1. The Client shall not be required to pay the Artiste for any engagement where the Artiste is unable to perform by reason of any cause beyond the Clients control such as National Mourning, War, Fire, Acts of Terrorism, Strikes or Lock-Outs directly affecting the venue or by the Order of the Licensing or any Public Authority having jurisdiction. In any such event, notice must be given to James Carter immediately, failing which the Client must pay reasonable expense.

2. In the event of the Artistes illness the following provisions shall prevail. The word “illness” shall mean and include any bodily or mental infirmity.

If the Artiste is unable to perform through illness, the Artiste shall notify the Client immediately.

3. If the Artiste is unable to perform at the Engagement for any reason, the Client shall not be obliged to pay the Artistes fee in respect of the Engagement and the booking deposit will be returned.

Artiste provisions

1.) The client is to provide a suitable performance area. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client must provide an electrical supply meeting exceeding British standards within 5 metres of the performance area, where electrical equipment is to be used as part of a performance.

2.) Where the Artiste is expected to wear stage clothing or costumes, the client must provide suitable dressing room facilities. Toilets are not acceptable.

3.) The client is responsible for providing adequate supervision and/or security at all times. In the event of threatening or unruly behaviour from any individual, the Artiste is entitled to cease the performance and still be paid in full.

4.) Where the artiste is required to be in dressing facilities or backstage for a period of time, hospitality must be provided. Light snacks are acceptable (e.g. crisps, sandwiches, biscuits etc) and beverages must be provided. Acceptable beverages are cans of Coca-cola, bottled still and sparkling water. Adequate provision of hospitality for two may be required, as from time to time it is deemed essential to bring an assistant.